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Utelias develops AI powered solutions for learning. Our mission is to make people communicate better with the help of social robots and artificial intelligence.

Our first innovation is Elias - the robot that helps to learn foreign language speaking. It looks just like an ordinary NAO robot, but the heart and brain of Elias is the robot behavior developed by Utelias. The behavior makes it understand students’ needs and interact with them in a way that promotes learning. 

Elias has an own mobile app that can be used to learn languages even without the robot. In the future it will be compatible also with other robot platforms.

Utelias takes learning to a whole new dimension and makes it possible to learn 21st century skills in a fun and personalized way.! Social robots are going to be the next generation user interface, that will engage the human in ways that are totally different from any other computer interface before.

Language learning with Elias provides wide range of opportunities: students can practice real-life situations with the robot and learn to speak in their own pace.
— Teacher, Helsinki
Positive experience. Language lessons with Elias are effective and fun! The robot also helps to support students with learning disabilities.
— Teacher, Espoo